What is included in the kits?

  • A 3-panel magnetic board, with a one-fourth inch grid printed on the inside.
  • Die-cut magnet templates of different sizes and shapes of furniture and architectural elements. They are based on ¼” scale.

What is ¼” scale?

  • One foot of actual floor space is represented by ¼”. Example: a 4’ x 1’ table will be represented by a 1” x ¼” magnetic template. Also, each ¼” space on the planning board grid will represent 1 foot.

Is assembly required?

  • The magnets are shipped in sheets with the outline of furniture and architectural pieces partially die-cut or scored. Upon receipt of the kit, simply separate all pieces along score lines. Arrange and organize your pieces on the magnetic planning board and your kit is ready to use.

Is this kit available at a local store?

  • No, at this time our kit is only available on-line.

Are the Upholstery pieces deep enough to represent the large sizes found in the market today?

  • Most of the sofas and chairs are 39″ deep. The sectional sofa is 36″ deep.

What are the templates made of?

  • The templates are made of a flexible magnetic vinyl.

Why are the magnets different colors?

  • The casegoods are brown, the upholstery pieces are gray, the plants are green, and the architectural pieces are black. This will help in achieving balance in your room plan.

Can you order additional magnets or planning board?

What is the size of the planning board?

  • This is a tri-fold board. The planning board closes to 10” x 12” and it is ½” thick. The three panels unfold to a 30” x 12” magnetic work surface. Part of the space is used for organizing and storage of magnets and part is used for space planning your room. The Kitchen Elevation is larger with three 12” x 15” panels.

Can you lay-out a whole house on the board?

  • No, these kit are designed for one or two rooms at a time. The size of the board and number of furniture pieces is not adequate for a whole house at once.   Once one room plan is complete, the board can be laid on a flat bed copier for a permanent record. You can also use grid paper in between board and magnets and trace your room plan once complete.

What if my blueprints are 1/8″ scale?

  • Our ¼” scale magnets can be used with ¼” scale blueprints. If your blueprints are 1/8” scale, you may might be able to convert them to ¼” scale. Check with a blueprint shop in your area.

Can you use a dry erase marker on your planning board?

  • No. If you desire to draw your room rather than use the architectural pieces, draw on grid paper. Use the grid paper between the board and the magnetic templates.


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