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Magnetic Interior Design Kits

At Scale Space Planning, our goal is to make the interior design process as seamless as possible. We appreciate that thoughtful design relies on efficient furniture placement, and the perfect room layout can take some trial and error. With our magnetic interior design kits, you have the flexibility to play around with different arrangements to find the ideal floor plan. Collaborate with clients and experiment with different room configurations and furniture pieces.

Our room planning tools include enough pieces to allow for substantial customization and they’re extremely easy to use. We offer magnetic interior design kits for kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, bedrooms, and more. No matter what your project entails, these tools will make space planning a breeze.

INTERIOR DESIGNERS   Use on the job site, for presentations, or preplanning in advance of Cadd.

FURNITURE DEALERS   Help your customers with their room plans and furniture selection.

DO-IT-YOURSELF HOME ENTHUSIAST   Magnetic floor planners are easy to use.

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